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Low-calorie pub snacks that you can serve at home

The one thing that makes beer even better is snacks. That’s a given. But if you’re having a few of the crew round for an occasion, you’ll want to go beyond the standard crisps and pretzels.

You want everyone to love the food you put out, but it’s got to be quick to make. After all, you don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen while they’re inside chatting and watching the game, do you? So here are some suggestions for easy, yet delicious, snacks to make you the ultimate host. And we’ve got the perfect alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers from the Greene King range to pair them with. That’s all your guests sorted…




Okay, so it doesn’t have to be summer to bring an authentic pub atmosphere into your home, but on hotter days it’s easy to go down the barbecue route and end up bloated.

If you fancy making something a bit lighter, with all the punch of that juicy burger, try smoky veggie nachos. Filled with fibre, vitamin C and folic acid (to break down amino acids, don’t cha know?), you can be surrender to their ‘morishness’ and still feel completely guilt-free.


BEER: Try the recipe with our alcohol-free Estrella Galicia 0% Lager for the perfect, refreshing accompaniment. Trust us, it’s made to quench thirst and douse the fire of nachos.


Taking only half an hour to knock up, red curry prawn toast combines the best in Asian cuisine with the cornerstone of British food: bread. Simple but effective, this dim sum dish blends coriander, coconut, lemongrass, garlic, shallots, red chillies, cumin and lime juice/zest with its main element – prawns. Ideal for any time of the year really, and the ‘mess-free’ element means it can be easily picked at. Plus, the closing time clean-up operation won’t take up much time at all. 


BEER: Low-Alcohol Old Speckled Hen provides that famous and classic toffee-malt taste to complement the range of herbs, vegetables and spices. This versatile bitter has been around for over 40 years now and is popular as ever. Give it a go!



When you’re in the mood to spice things up a little without going into full-blown curry mode, chilli & ginger nuts are ready in a measly 15 minutes. There’s no messing with the tried-and-tested formula of ginger nuts doused in chilli, cayenne and curry powder. For this vegetarian, gluten-free favourite, check out James Martin’s recipe on the BBC Good Food website.


BEER: Our classic Greene King IPA, with its notes of toffee and caramel, makes a brilliant match for snacks on the spicier side.



Looking at the filling of this densely-packed burrito, you’d think it’d take all day to prepare. Wrong! How does a mere 30 minutes grab you? That’s all you’ll need if you follow the script at Mob Kitchen. And with lentils, kidney beans, spicy rice, vegan mayo (or regular mayo if you like) and avocado, your guests are bound to be happy and full.


BEER: Ruddles Best combines the traditional taste of bitter with soft, fruity notes, and the rare Bramling Cross hop for a berry flavour that goes deliciously well with this recipe.



Who doesn’t love pasta? Well, low-cal creamy pesto & kale pasta is very filling and only takes half an hour to make. What’s more, it’s packed with goodness, suitable for the vegetarians in your crowd, and doesn’t need any additional salt (or other sweeteners) to taste great.


BEER: St Edmunds, with its zesty, grapefruit-tinted flavours married with a light bitter taste, or Old Golden Hen, with its balance of tropical fruit and clean, hoppy bitterness. Why not serve both and let your friends choose?


Okay, this one is much more meal than snack, but you can do it in only 35 minutes if you follow the BBC Good Food website! Of course it’s delicious, but it’s also gluten-free and packs four of your 5-a-day. Give it a try…

BEER: Morland Original is a classic bitter ale, with intriguing notes of banana and pear drop. These flavours really enhance the ginger in the mash!


Good with sweet potato wedges but also on their own, lean turkey burgers provide that summer barbecue vibe, and they’re a bit different to the usual beef and chicken. Besides being a healthy alternative, they’re also quick to make (around 40 minutes). Plus, they’re especially good with green veggies, papaya salad and kale.

BEER: Olde Trip is named after Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem, which claims to be England’s oldest pub. Besides the interesting link to England’s rich public house history,  it also has a lovely taste of malt, toffee, pear drop and pineapple – blended with a moderate to high bitterness.




We couldn’t have a list of snacks without including a sarnie, could we? Well Mob Kitchen has a great recipe for a healthy twist, which includes creamy mayo, Pret Chipotle Ketchup and pickled avocado for a more refreshing bite. 

BEER: Hardy & Hansons Best Bitter has the perfect balance of sweet and bitter to pair with the squash and pickled avocado.


BBC Good Food saves the day again with these low-salt, healthy and super-quick fish grills. Perfect in any weather and as a side to other dishes, but most importantly… filling for the hungry troops.


BEER: Yardbird pale ale is an award-winning concoction of hops, tropical fruits and a bold bitter taste. It’s also inspired by and named after jazz superstar Charlie Parker. Embrace the jazz on any occasion!


This one is the ultimate dish to serve up on a cold Super Sunday or for that Boxing Day that’s packed with great sport to watch. Hearty and incredibly tasty, this healthy beef stew is quick enough to put it into snack territory, and is filling but healthy – it’s packed with vitamin C and low in salt. This might just be your go-to winter snack to serve…

BEER: London Glory combines toffee-tasting crystal malt with Challenger and Goldings hops to form a rich and fruity ale, using craftsmanship that goes back hundreds of years. A nod to the capital and a fine accompaniment to traditional English food like stews.


Those are just a few low-cal dishes that you can serve up at home, without spending much time in the kitchen. We reckon your guests will be impressed, especially when you pair them with the perfect pint to match!

If you’re looking for an eclectic collection of lagers, ales and IPAs to serve up to your guests, don’t forget to check out the mixed cases in the Greene King shop to find drinks all your guests will love.