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Just because you’re cutting down on alcohol, doesn’t mean you’re stuck with cola or cranberry juice. Why not go for a great beer that has as much flavour and complexity as its stronger cousin but without the alcohol? We’ve got a cracking range of low alcohol and alcohol-free beers, including our favourite Old Speckled Hen as well as the ever-popular Estrella Galicia 0.0%. Discover a new number one lager or ale that you can keep on drinking!

Just like alcoholic beers, alcohol-free beers are best served in a matching glass. That’s why we’ve paired our low and no alcohol beers with the perfect glasses to pour them into. Treat yourself to a low alcohol beer you love and a distinctive glass to match! And if you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift for that friend who’s committed to Dry January, check out our low alcohol gift boxes. Featuring four beers and a beautiful pint glass, they’re the ultimate gift to bring in the New Year while still keeping that resolution!