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12 Beers Of Christmas

24 reviews

Enjoy 12 of our beers that will bring you that warm, fuzzy festive feeling. Containing a mix of classic ales, premium beers and limited editions, this is the perfect to gift this Christmas or to spoil yourself.

Spoiler alert - if you want to know what beers are included please click the 'What's in the box?' tab below.


Beers contain malted barley

  • Abbot Ale | 500ml can | 5% ABV – One of our most famous, a real beer to savour
  • Abbot Reserve | 500ml bottle | 6.5% ABV – Matured for longer to create a distinctive full bodied beer, bursting with fruit cake and toffee flavour.
  • Belhaven Scottish Ale | 330ml bottle | 5.2% ABV – Belhaven Scottish Ale boasts an intriguing biscuit malt and caramel flavour, subtle fruitiness with an underlying herbal aroma. All of which complements the modest bitterness.
  • Old Golden Hen | 500ml bottle | This light golden beer delivers both flavour and refreshment. Brewed using the finest malts and the rare Galaxy hop to give the light golden colour, subtle tropical fruit notes and a deliciously smooth finish.
  • Belhaven Wee Heavy | 330ml bottle | 7.4% ABV - a sweet, dark, aromatic intensity with layers of warming dark fruit, hints of caramel and a malty full body.
  • East Coast IPA | 500ml bottle | Bold, brash American style IPA with lip-smacking bitterness and punchy citrus and tropical fruit flavours.
  • Estrella Galicia 1906 | 330ml bottle | 6.5% ABV - A strong, premium Spanish lager
  • Estrella Galicia World Lager | 330ml bottle - A refreshing Spanish lager produced using pilsen and roasted malts, and hops of the Nugget and Perle Hallertau varieties
  • Ice Breaker Pale Ale | 330ml can | 4.5% ABV - Our apprentice brewed craft sensation
  • Old Speckled Hen | 440ml can | 5% ABV – One of England’s most distinctive and iconic ales
  • Rocking Rudolph | 500ml bottle | A full bodied, malty and fruity ale to put you in the festive mood.
  • Ruddles County | 500ml can | 4.3% ABV – Using the rare Bramling Cross hop, this is an English classic