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Belhaven Beer & Chocolate Pairing Case

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If you love your beer and chocolate this might just be the perfect pairing case. Both hand crafted in East Lothian, Scotland, we've paired three of Belhaven's most popular beers with some premium artisan chocolate from our friends up the road at Chocolate Tree.

Each box contains 6 Belhaven beers, three bars of Chocolate Tree chocolates and a tasting note card to help guide you through the pairings and tastes you can expect to experience.

Pairing 1: Belhaven Best + Chocolate Tree Maranon milk chocolate - This classic Belhaven needed a smooth easy going and satisfying chocolate, we chose our ‘dark milk’ kind of an oxymoron, it’s a milk chocolate with a 60% cocoa content, so delivering on some lovely rich caramel flavours to match.

Pairing 2: Belhaven Black + Chocolate Tree Belize Black - This dark stout with the toasted barley, black & chocolate malt called for something strong, and Belize Black fits the bill nicely. This 100% cacao chocolate can be enjoyed in very small quantities, it’s incredibly intense but still smooth.

Pairing 3: Belhaven Scottish Ale + Chocolate Tree Milk Chocolate - A lovely easy drinking amber ale that was well suited to our lightest single origin chocolate, with some lovely fruit notes that pair well to the barley.


x2 Belhaven Best cans

x2 Belhaven Black cans

x2 Belhaven Scottish Ale

x1 Chocolate Tree Maranon milk chocolate (40g) - made from rare Pure Nacional cacao grown in the foothills of the Andes

x1 Chocolate Tree Belize Black pure cacao (40g) - 100% pure cacao, intense and bitter but smooth.

x1 Chocolate Tree Milk Chocolate (40g) - Peruvian milk chocolate - the lightest single origin chocolate

Made up the road from Belhaven Brewery in East Lothian, Scotland, they we create award winning craft chocolate, connecting their customers with the whole process and origin through transparent trade. Their mission is to create fine flavour chocolate whilst protecting biodiversity and rewarding farmers with a high price for their cacao. They purchase organic agro-forestry cacao from farms mostly in South and Central America. The cacao we use has been fermented and dried to an exceptional standard by the growers at origin. Only through these careful post harvest processes can the best flavours of the chocolate be brought to life. You can learn more about Chocolate Tree here

Chocolate Tree Awards