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Drop Goals Mixed Case

3 reviews

12 of our most popular drops, perfect for a session while watching the rugby! Complete with a Greene King pint glass for a swift half or two. Go on, give it a try, its the perfect match. 

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Beers contain malted barley

  • Old Golden Hen | 2 x 500ml Bottles | Brewed using the finest malts and the rare Galaxy hop to give the light golden colour, subtle tropical fruit notes and a deliciously smooth finish.
  • Ice Breaker Pale Ale | 2 x 330ml Bottles | 4.5% ABV - Our apprentice brewed craft sensation
  • Greene King IPA Gold | 2 x 500ml Bottles | 4.1% ABV | IPA Gold features the aromatic Savinsjki Goldings hop variety, with late hopping creating a blend of tropical fruit and spicy notes, with a clean bitter taste and a crisp dry finish.
  • Greene King IPA | 2 x 500ml Bottles | 3.6% ABV | A perfectly balanced award winning beer, characterised by its hoppy taste and aroma that comes from the use of Challenger and First Gold hops which are combined with pale and crystal malts. 
  • Yardbird Pale Ale | 2 x 500ml Bottles | 4.0% ABV | A bright, hoppy American style pale ale! 
  • Belhaven Craft Pilsner | 2 x 330ml Bottles | 4.8% ABV | Soft biscuit malt from the lager malt. Refreshing bitterness from Challenger and Northdown hops. Delicate herbal, spicy and floral notes from the Northdown and a hint of soft fruits.
  • Official Greene King Pint Glass