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Level Head Session IPA

Level Head is quite simply a perfectly-executed session IPA. The aroma is hoppy, balanced between tropical and grapefruit notes, and at 4% it’s a truly sessionable beer. 

A nod to the legend of our very own St Edmund, beheaded by Vikings in 869, his head was miraculously reunited with its body by a ghostly wolf, and his sainthood assured. Keep it steady (just like Eddie).

330ml bottle

alc. 4.0% vol


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Our hometown of Bury St Edmunds takes its name from King Edmund, the original Patron Saint of England and King of East Anglia.

The story of St Edmund tells of the brave King Edmund who was killed by Danish invaders on 20 November 869 after refusing to denounce his Christianity. The story goes that after being tied to a tree and shot full of arrows he was then beheaded. The king's body was found but his head was missing. His supporters heard a wolf call to them and they found him guarding the king's head, which was then reunited with his body and by miracle reattached!

Hoppy aroma with delicately balances tropical and grapefruit notes.