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Ruddles County Cans

59 reviews

A classic English ale with distinctive blackcurrant and berry undertones.

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500ml cans 

alc. 4.3% vol.


Multi Add:

Aroma:  Soft Fruits, Blackcurrant, Hoppy

Taste:  Floral & Fruity Hop, Bitter

Malt:  Pale, Crystal

Hops:  Goldings, Admiral, Pilgrim, Target, Bramling Cross

Perfect with: Roast lamb with rosemary and redcurrant gravy. Truly a match made in heaven! 

Additional Notes:  The rare Bramling Cross brings blackcurrant and red currant notes to this rich malty ale. Admiral and Pilgrim in the boiling copper give a robust bitterness and this is balanced by the sweetness and toffee from pale and crystal malts.

Contains Malted Barley

Originally from England's smallest county – Rutland – Ruddles County is an English ale with a distinctive flavour of dark toffee and caramel combined with a crisp bitterness derived from using rare Bramling Cross hops.