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Two rival brewers, Mr Greene and Mr King, joined forces to create a beer revolution!


We’ve been crafting quality beers in the market town of Bury St Edmunds since 1799. In 1887 rival brewers Edward Greene and Frederick King merged their operations to create the Greene King brewery. It quickly built up its reputation for producing outstanding beers which has continued to this day.

Our gravity fed brewhouse was built in 1938 to exceptionally high standards for its time. So well in fact that we still brew in the same building today and use much of the original equipment too!

Our Beer

In its early years, the beer that was brewed there helped meet the demands of Allied servicemen based in East Anglia during WW2. Our dedication hasn’t changed since we began brewing, and we still apply the same passion and craftsmanship to every single drop.

Our Victorian brewhouse built in 1938 continues to brew all our beers using gravity to pass the ingredients from one floor to the next. All our beer is brewed using natural ingredients and traditional brewing methods. We still draw our water from chalk wells under the brewery that have been used in brewing for almost 1,000 years. It was good enough for the Benedictine monks of St Edmund and it’s good enough for us!

In 2000 we added the world famous Old Speckled Hen to our range and in 2005 acquired Belhaven Brewery, giving us one of the most diverse (and delicious!) selections of brews in the UK. If you’re a true beer lover then there will surely be something just for you in our selection.


Are you one of the regulars? If so then you may well have spoken to one of our brilliant team; Tom, Harry or Aidan. But who are the women and men behind the masks?

Tom is a big fan of puns and tries to weave them in wherever he can. A lager than life character, he loves nothing more than an Abbot Reserve in the winter, or his go to in summer - Old Golden Hen. It's ale in a day’s work.

Harry is an avid football fan and beer nerd. His favourite Greene King beers are Abbot AleOld Speckled Hen and Ice Breaker, always trying to have at least one of them in the fridge at any given time.

Aidan enjoys playing rugby for our local team, Bury St Edmunds, and his favourite beers are Ice Breaker and Belhaven Black.