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The accessories you’ll need to recreate the pub vibe at home

There’s nothing like that feeling of relaxing in your favourite haunt with an icy cold, perfectly poured pint. 

Afternoons at the pub is something we all sorely missed when pubs were forced to close their doors at the height of the pandemic, but it sparked a brilliant idea among many temporary non-pubgoers: what if we bring the pub home?

It may sound like a massive project, but it’s entirely up to you how far you want to take the pub inspo. We reckon it’s worth starting off small, but there really is no limit to what you can do when transforming your living space into the most local of locals. Plus, once you’re all set up, how good would it be to ask the kids for ID or jokingly bar your partner’s friends? Let’s break it down:

Opening time

If you’re new to the idea of building your own home pub, you’ll probably want to hold off on the bigger purchases like pool tables and draft pumps, at least for now! However, there are plenty of ace accessories that’ll help you get started:

Bar runners

If there’s one pub feature you won’t want to replicate at home it’s sticky counter-tops. How about kicking things off with an Old Speckled Hen Bar Runner? Not only does it look the part, but it’s ideal for soaking up any spillages and reducing any condensation on the bottom of your glass. And, speaking of glasses…


Branded pint glasses

Even the most expertly poured brew looks a little out of place in your average glass. Proper pint glasses are the perfect pairing for your at-home tipple of choice and are the easiest way to bring the pub feeling home without breaking out the DIY tools. 

Whether you like to unwind with a well-earned pint or a swift half, everyone knows that beer is best enjoyed with a matching pint glass. Our glassware range has everything you need to showcase that love for lagers and IPAs. Check it out…

Optic stand

Maybe your guests fancy a refreshing G&T or even a round of tequila. To be a great working-from-home landlord, you’ll want all your guests to be able to pick the drink they love most – so, why not take a shot on an optic stand? Pour out accurate measurements like a pro, whenever your guests ask! It’ll certainly put them in good spirits at your next mixer.  


Time to expand

So, you’ve done the basics and The Home Inn is starting to look a bit more bar-like. Now comes the time to step things up a notch and really run with the pub idea, and we think there are a couple of great items that’ll help you get there:

Proper pub drinks trays

When you’ve got everyone over for a few, you don’t want to be ferrying every round to all your pals one drink at a time. Having proper drinks trays helps make your home bar look the part and means you can carry that full round in one go. Pour the drinks, bring them over and get chatting with your mates (or ‘regulars’ as you may refer to them from now on). What could be better?  

Neon signs

This one may be a bit of a crowd divider and depends on whether you’re going for the traditional pub look or a swanky cocktail bar theme. However, if you really want to make your space look like a real bar, nothing does it as succinctly as a bright neon sign that actually tells you you’re in a bar. There are loads of colours and designs out there, so like any home décor, simply pick the one that ties in with the look you’re after.

And if it’s a quaint country pub you’re planning to recreate, have a look around online for vintage beer advertising and tin signs. A couple of those dotted around the bar area and you’re well on the way to having your own historical looking boozer!

The ultimate at-home pub

You’ve got all the essentials ticked off the list and you’ve even moved on to the finer details that make your pub look authentic. Now it’s time to apply the finishing touches and turn that space into a fully-fledged drinking establishment just for you and your crowd. And the right furniture, features and facilities will help you fully realise the home pub dream:

Bottle cooler

AKA a ‘bar fridge’. No doubt you’ve got a fridge freezer already, but it would look a bit out of place behind the bar of a real pub, wouldn’t it? If you really want to make your bar look as close to the real thing as possible, a bottle cooler goes a long way to completing the image. Plus, displaying all the drinks you have so your guests can choose is a nice touch. 

Pool table and dart board

If sports bars are your thing, how about getting a little bit of friendly competition going in your own pub by adding a pool table or a dartboard to your setup? Get your friends round for a friendly game of winner stays on or killer, and keep them happy with a selection of drinks from our mixed cases. And don’t forget, it’s your table, so you’ll never need to put a pound coin down to reserve the next game. 

Bar stools

Serving the drinks at home is a little bit different to the pub. You may be behind the bar, but it’s more about socialising than work. You still want to be involved in the conversation, not playing catch-up every time you bring a new round in. With that in mind, bar stools are a great way to keep it social while showing off your personal pub.

With everyone gathered around the bar, your guests can soak up that cosy inn atmosphere much more than when they’re sat on a regular, non-pub-like sofa or at the table. It’s much more immersive, and it means you don’t miss out on any of the banter. Not to mention, with a branded bar towel draped over your shoulder, even you’ll help to nail that look.

There you have it - with your ‘pub at home’ checklist all taken care of, you’re ready to be the ultimate host whenever the occasion calls. Happy days!