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Rocking Rudolph Christmas Ale

4.2% Abv

x Bottles (500ml)

What is an Amber Ale?
Amber ales are ales that range in colour from amber (as you’d expect), through to copper and even deep red. They typically have a darker colour and richer taste than pale ales, using crystal malts for a sweet biscuity flavour and Challenger hops for a full-bodied, rounded bitterness.

How does Amber Ale taste?
You’ll love the taste of Amber Ale if you tend to go for pale ales but are looking for a more malty flavour. Thanks to the use of crystal malts, Amber Ale is known for its notes of caramel and an underlying herbal hoppiness that make for a complex, yet satisfying brew.

Our range of Amber Ales includes Belhaven St. Andrews Amber Ale which, at 4.6% ABV, is more sessionable than many Amber Ales out there. Known for its well-rounded, smooth palate, it’s both refreshing and easy to drink. Feeling festive? Try Rocking Rudolph! Both fruity and malty, it might be Christmassy but it’s not just for the holidays. This beer has notes of redcurrant and blackcurrant from the use of Bramling Cross hops, making it a uniquely tasty option all year round.