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XX Mild

3% Abv

x Bottles (500ml)

What is a Brown Ale?
Brown ale, as you might expect, gets its name from its colour, though the colour varies between dark amber and brown. This is why it often gets confused with stouts. However, this is where the similarities end. While stouts generally have a higher alcohol volume and put much of the emphasis of flavour and aroma on the hops that are used in the brewing process, brown ales tend to be a lot maltier and vary between 3% and 8% in alcohol volume. Created in the 17th century, brown ale was first brewed exclusively using brown malt and light hops, but brewers eventually started using pale malt instead.

How does Brown Ale taste?
Thanks to its lower hop content than other kinds of beer, brown ale tastes considerably maltier than most, and that means when you try a brown ale, you’ll taste toasty, chocolatey, and caramel-like hints. In our collection, you’ll find brown ales with biscuity, nutty notes that makes them the perfect pairing with a variety of dishes. We love Belhaven Robert Burns Brown ale, which uses Pale, Crystal and Black malts together to create a mild beer with the unmistakably sweet notes of Scottish toffee. Give it a go!