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What is a Golden Ale?
Golden Ale is a firm favourite among both lager and ale drinkers. Unlike other kinds of ale, Golden Beer is brewed with low temperature malts, while the alcohol volume tends to vary between 3 and 5.5%. As the name suggests, it has a pale colour, somewhere between straw and gold, similar to lager. While golden ale was first brewed in the 1980s to compete with lager, which was extremely popular at the time, its success has outgrown its initial goal and it’s a go to drink for many, both in pubs and at home.

How does Golden Ale taste?
Golden ale is typically known for its medium bitterness, hints of tropical fruits and crisp finish, making it a delicious accompaniment for both fish dishes and light salads. In our collection of golden beer, you’ll find a host of ales to suit your taste including Old Golden Hen, with its clean, hoppy bitter finish and hints of blackcurrant, and Greene King IPA Gold, loved by many for its complex mix of floral and spicy hops, as well as lemon citrus and sweet malt. Whether you’re a seasoned golden ale drinker or new to ales, you may just find a golden beer you’ll love in the Greene King collection.