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What is a Lager?
‘Lager’ gets its name from the German word for ‘storage’, and that’s because lager is a type of beer that ferments slowly, can be stored for longer and is brewed using a completely different process to ales. While ales ferment from the top down and are brewed in higher temperatures, lager ferments from the bottom up and is brewed at lower temperatures.

Like ale, lager comes in a variety of shades and can be pale, amber or dark, however pale lager is the most popular style globally, and is known for its mild flavour and easy drinkability. Our range of lagers includes Spanish favourite Estrella Galicia, known for its lightness, subtle bitterness and always refreshing aftertaste.

What is the difference between Beer and Lager?
In most pubs, bars, restaurants and grocery shops, the terms ‘beer’ and ‘lager’ are used interchangeably and have evolved to become synonyms. However, in the same way that ‘spirits’ can refer to vodka, rum, gin and other similar drinks, ‘beer’ is actually the name for the full group of alcoholic drinks that fall into the category, including lager and ale.

How many units are there in a pint of Lager?
The number of units in a pint of lager can vary as different lagers contain different volumes of alcohol. However, a pint of strong lager generally contains around 3 units of alcohol, while a pint of lower-strength, more sessionable lager contains roughly 2 units. In our collection of beers, you’ll find lagers between 4% and 7% in volume. And if you love the taste of a well-brewed lager but want to go alcohol-free, give Estrella Galicia 0.0% a try!