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Belhaven’s Best Selection Case

4 reviews

A great selection of beers from Belhaven Brewery, Scotland's oldest working brewery! Find out more about Belhaven Brewery here

x3 Belhaven Best 

x3 Belhaven Black stout

x3 Belhaven Scottish Ale

x3 Belhaven 80 Shilling


Belhaven Best: A bright amber colour, malty aromas all crowned with a smooth creamy head. Altogether a wonderfully balanced, refreshing ale at 3.2% ABV.

Belhaven Black: A deliciously deep, smooth, full-bodied stout with a hint of sweet chocolate and a rich dark finish – without the bitterness of other stouts.

Belhaven Scottish Ale: Belhaven Scottish Ale boosts an intriguing biscuit malt and caramel flavour, subtle fruitiness with an underlying herbal aroma. All of which complements the modest bitterness.

Belhaven 80 Shilling: 80/- is brewed using Belhaven yeast and allowed to ferment at a slightly higher temperature. This delivers satisfying malt flavours and layers of soft fruit with a toffee finish. 

Contains Malted Barley