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Level Head Session IPA Pint Glass

Every beer lover knows that a great pint is even better when it’s served in a matching glass, and the same goes for craft beer. Enjoy the perfectly-executed session IPA Level Head in its official glass, featuring the legend of St Edmund embossed on one side and the Level Head logo on the other, it's a real head turner!


Our hometown of Bury St Edmunds takes its name from King Edmund, the original Patron Saint of England and King of East Anglia. The story tells of the brave King Edmund who was killed by Danish invaders on 20 November 869 after refusing to denounce his Christianity. The story goes that after being tied to a tree and shot full of arrows he was then beheaded. The king's body was found but his head was missing. His supporters heard a wolf call to them and they found him guarding the king's head, which was then reunited with his body and by miracle reattached!