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What is a Pilsner?
Pilsner is a pale-to-golden coloured beer that has a slightly spicier taste than most lagers out there. That’s because Saaz hops are added in the brewing process to preserve the beer, and they come with their own distinctive ‘kick’. Saaz hops were initially used to prevent beer from becoming spoiled, but the flavour this kind of hop gives is what Pilsner lager is best known for. Generally, pilsner beer tastes slightly sweet, earthy and light with a little foaminess.

Is Pilsner the same as Lager?
Pilsner is a style of lager, but there are several other kinds of lager out there like Helles, Bock and Dunkel to name a few. In other words, all pilsners are lagers but not all lagers are pilsners.
Pilsner is considered to be one of the most drinkable styles of lager, with more of a focus on hoppiness than malt. They tend to vary between 4% and 6% in alcohol volume and are best served chilled.