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What is a Stout?
Stout is a malty style of ale that’s famed for its distinctive rich roast aroma and notes of coffee. Made with a blend of roasted black malt and roasted barley, the alcohol volume in stout can vary greatly, anywhere between 4% and 14%. Stouts are considered to be a stronger version of mild ale, and the term was historically used in reference to any beer that was considered high in alcohol. However, the term is now mainly used when speaking about dark beers. Some stouts, like Belhaven Scottish Oat Stout, add oatmeal to the malt during the brewing process for extra smoothness and a deep, rich flavour.

How to drink a Stout
Stout beers are best enjoyed at just under room temperature. Since they are brewed as ales they can be stored a long time without refrigeration, so do not need to be served chilled. When you serve stout extremely cold, you don’t get as many of the different notes and it can often taste more bitter than intended. Pour hard and you get more of a head on your beer. Then, wait for it to breathe for a while, and enjoy!