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What is a Craft Beer?
The term ‘craft beer’ has expanded to become many things to different people, but in short, it means ‘individually brewed batches of beer’. Because each batch is brewed individually, it allows brewers to experiment with different flavour profiles and brewing techniques, improving the quality and flavour of the beer with every batch.

How is Craft Beer made?
The process of brewing craft beer is essentially no different to the process big name brewers use to produce beer. All beer, whether ale or lager, is brewed using four key ingredients: barley (or rye, wheat or another grain), hops, water and yeast. The main process is to extract sugars from the grains so the yeast converts it to alcohol and carbon dioxide. The flavour varies depending on the combination and type of grains, hops and yeast used, and on the quantities used.
Craft lagers and craft ales are fermented using different techniques. Ales are top fermented in warm temperatures and can be ready to drink in a matter of weeks. Lagers are bottom fermented in much cooler temperatures and stored for a longer time at near freezing temperatures before being ready to drink.

Types of Craft Beers?
Because ‘craft’ simply means the freedom to experiment with brewing and create whatever type of beer you like, the amount of craft beer types out there are as varied as beer in general. However, craft lager, craft IPAs, craft pale ales and craft stouts are among the most popular.
We have a variety of craft beers here at Greene King, including East Coast IPA, a sessionable India Pale Ale with punchy tropical fruit flavours, Gold Award-winning 7% Belhaven Scottish Oat Stout with its distinctive roasted malt and coffee aroma, and our refreshingly hoppy Ice Breaker Pale Ale.