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What is an IPA?
If you’ve seen IPAs around, or at your local pub and haven’t given them a try, you’ve probably wondered what does IPA stand for? IPA is an abbreviation of India Pale Ale, and it refers to a centuries old brewing technique that uses plenty of hops to not only preserve the beer, but make it taste better over time like a good wine.

IPAs are known for being deliciously bitter and refreshing, carrying notes of tropical fruit, a citrusy punch, and a floral aroma. Some, like Greene King IPA, balance the herbal character IPAs are famous for with malt toffee notes to create a complex, satisfying flavour profile.

What is a Session IPA?
Session IPAs are practically made for warm days soaking up the summer sun, socialising with friends and family. They combine the hoppy flavour of a typical IPA with the lower alcohol volume of a sessionable beer. Traditional IPAs tend to have a higher alcohol volume, meaning you have to slow down after one or two. Session IPAs are lighter, taking the alcohol volume to around 3-4% so you can keep enjoying those tropical flavours long into the day.

Is IPA stronger than lager?
Generally, IPAs are known for having a higher alcohol volume than the average lager. Lager and India Pale Ale are brewed using entirely different processes, and while most lager goes up to around 6% in alcohol volume, some IPAs can go up to 10% and beyond. They’re a slower, more complex drink that’s meant to be savoured. However, there are session IPAs that blend the lower alcohol drinkability of lager with the flavour profile of a typical IPA, offering the best of both worlds.